Instant idea validation from a community of entrepreneurs

Idea nagging you at 1am? Find out if your latest idea solves a pain point by receiving instant votes & feedback from a community of entrepreneurs on Facebook Messenger.


Pitch your idea to the community to receive instant votes + feedback


Vote on incoming ideas from community members with a simple thumbs up or down


Pin a community member's idea to receive updates pertaining to it + see the final vote


Elaborate on your vote with constructive feedback delivered directly to the idea owner

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Limit pitches

Set a limit to how many idea pitches you'd like to see a day

Subscribe to topics

Subscribe to topics you'd like to receive ideas about (ex. Developer Tools)

Pitch to specific topic subscribers

Pitch your idea to specific topic subscribers to gain better feedback (ex. Designer Tools)

Flag idea pitch

Flag idea pitches that are inappropriate, irrelevant, or spam

Community scoreboard

Earn points by contributing to the community (voting and giving feedback) to unlock features

Reach broader audiences with scoreboard points

Unlock audience "tiers" (100 points = idea seen by 2,000 members)

Include link in idea pitch

Link to a product related to idea pitch

Emoji Feedback

Allow users to vote using emojis such as 😍 and 🙄 for more dynamic feedback

Vote on upcoming features

Vote for features you'd like to see in future updates